Self-Care Miniseries Day 5: Take A Trip

Welcome to our fifth and final installment of our Self-Care miniseries! This week we’ve tackled different ways to regroup and recenter, with our latest tip boasting the benefits of meditation. Because it is Friday, and we wanted the last installment of this series to be IMG_1709.PNGfun, I wanted to cover one of my personal favorite self-care tips: take a trip!

Sometimes you just have to get away. When things get a little too overwhelming or you can foresee a busy few weeks, it helps to plan a quick getaway to clear your head so you can come back to work refreshed. We’re not talking about actual time off, like a vacation (although those are really beneficial), but more like quick weekend getaways that only take you off the grid for a couple of days, and doesn’t break your bank.

While I always support one or two extended vacations a year, those short getaways are more convenient for a few reasons:

  • They are much easier to plan
  • Because they’re oftentimes closer to home, there are fewer travel expenses
  • More shorter vacations means more places to visit
  • Anticipation for more frequent, shorter trips makes you happier and more productive at work

So, we figured out that planning more frequent, shorter vacations makes you more happy. But how do you go about it, especially when you can’t see yourself saving? Firstly, you never have to go far to get away. For me, my parents live about an hour away from home, and they live by the beach, so I can satisfy the need to check out fairly easily (only IMG_1710for the cost of gas). However, it’s always good to actually get away. The key here is to consistently plan, and plan carefully. Firstly, here is a list of travel services that I always keep in my arsenal:

  • Hopper: You know that you want to fly to Houston this year but you don’t have a date and can’t afford a ticket. You can select a range of dates for flights and Hopper will let you know when tickets are cheapest for you to buy. Bonus: the app also lets you know if you should change you dates or departure city slightly for even cheaper rates.
  • Airfordable: You found a flight but can’t quite afford it? This site will hold your flight and let you make payments until you pay the full balance, no credit check needed.
  • Priceline: You want to find the lowest priced hotels in the area? Look no further than Priceline. It covers cars, flights, and hotels, but it has a neat feature where you can choose your hotel only based on rating and location for a cheaper deal. It’s gotten me in some great hotels for astounding prices.
  • Airbnb: When Priceline doesn’t cut it for me, I head to Airbnb, which gives me more of a home away from home feel. You can find just about any accommodation you’d want for a great price, and oftentimes, you meet great hosts too! Bonus: some hosts will even make you breakfast šŸ˜‰
  • Noirbnb: Although not yet fully launched, this service was developed in response to discrimination practices that some felt Airbnb didn’t properly address. After trying and failing to create a partnership, the founders of Noirbnb decided to go make a more fully inclusive alternative. You can sign up now for their beta launch!

These servicesĀ  will help you cut costs tremendously. I also have a strategy when I plan my trips: The first thing I do when I know my dates is book my hotel and get it out of the way. Even if it’s a few months ahead of time, if I see a good deal, I’ll take it (although usually I opt for free cancellation rooms if I can). My second step is to take care of transportation if I fly or use a rental. I take care of these things as early as possible to make sure I’m getting the best deals. By the time my getaway comes, I’ll be stress-free and ready to go!

When you plan carefully, you’ll be able to create the perfect short trip to recharge your batteries. You also save money, socially satisfy yourself, feel happier, make yourself more socially aware, and also make yourself appear more interesting (and who doesn’t want that?). Plan yourself a short and sweet getaway so that you can get those gears turning again. And remember, leave your work at home!

Thanks so much for joining us this week for our Self-Care miniseries. We sincerely hope that you were able to learn something new, and hopefully you feel that a tip or two is important enough to apply to your own life. I guarantee that taking time to take care of yourself pays off in the long run. Those small changes that you make every day make a difference! We’ll see you for our next series, and have a great weekend!



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