Self-Care Miniseries Day 3: Pamper Yourself.

Happy Wednesday! We left off yesterday talking about the importance of diet and exercise, and how as young adults it’s a crucial time to take care of our bodies in the midst of working hard to build for our future. As we reach the midpoint of our Self-Care miniseries, we get a little more broad with our tips, because each individual is different and practices self-care in different ways. For this reason, this installment will not be as lengthy as the previous posts, but it is equally as important! Today we will talk about the importance of taking time to pamper yourself, and how treating yourself is a proven way to keep your productivity high.

IMG_1722I know when you’re thinking of “pampering yourself” you’re thinking of outrageous spas and all kinds of fancy masks and massages, and there’s nothing wrong with that at all. But that can be a little unrealistic for some. In this case, “pampering yourself” simply means intentionally doing things to relieve stress and make yourself happy. That could very well be a spa, or it could be a trip to your nearest Cold Stone (my personal guilty pleasure), or even a long pointless ride on the interstate.

When I want to pamper myself (on a budget), I usually buy a new nail color from the store and give myself a manicure while watching a mob movie (The Godfather is my fave). It’s an instant mood booster, and if I don’t ruin it within 15 minutes of finishing, I consider it a success. Even in the summer (when work has me indoors a lot), on a sunny day I’ll put a towel on my car, lay out in the sun and listen to the radio. Sometimes I’ll take myself out to a movie, or go to the store to pick up some items so I can cook myself something special.

Sometimes, I bake cookies.

A lot of times, I shop.

IMG_1715Even hanging out with friends can be an effective way to pamper yourself. A lot of times when you have a lot on your plate, it gets really easy to neglect your circle of friends. While they probably understand, it’s great to get together every now and then, even if it’s once or twice a month. Whether it’s for a high school game, a night out on the town, a gym session, or even a game of basketball with the homies, that quality time is beneficial for everyone involved, everyone wins.

Why is this so important? Treating yourself increases optimism, which in turn increases productivity and makes you more successful. According to The 100 Simple Secrets of Successful People, research shows that rewards are responsible for a whooping three-quarters of why you do things. So in essence, intentionally and purposefully treating yourself literally drives you to complete whatever tasks you have for the day, or the week.

Let’s all try to take some time to do something that we want to do. Take that time out to get your nails done. Play that new Madden that your buddies have been bugging you about. Buy a new pair of shoes. Make it a point to do that one thing that makes you happy this week, you won’t regret it. What’s your favorite thing to do to pamper yourself? Share with us below, and we’ll see tomorrow for the next installment of the Self-Care miniseries.



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