When Your Brother Puts You On A Short Story Challenge

You never know what can happen on a phone call with your sibling. Especially mine! Earlier today he brought out some really old short stories that he wrote when he was in school, and after laughing about how corny they were the conversation took a competitive turn.

He thinks he can write a better story than me.

After years of writing papers, writing papers for other people, taking countless literature classes, and basically living my life buried in novels, I may have this one. However, I’ll admit that he has quite the imagination. Who knows who will come out with the better story.

The genre? Horror.

The story must be developed with a maximum of five typed pages, and we agreed that three days will be a suitable amount of time to complete the challenge. I have been brainstorming all day.

After they are finished, we’ll decide who came out on top. However, it would be lovely to get some outside input (hint to you!). I will post both stories on the site later this week. I’m excited and ready. I hope he is!

Let the games begin.


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