Twitter Asks #RealBlackPeopleQuestions After Buzzfeed Video


Buzzfeed released a video late Tuesday entitled, “Questions Black People Have For Black People,” where a variety of black people from BuzzFeed Video asked 27 questions that targeted issues in the black community. You may view the video below:

At first glance, the video seems like it raises pretty valid points. When will we address homophobia in our community? What about colorism? These are serious problems that saturate the black community at every level. However, a lot of Twitter users found problems with some of the other questions, arguing that they were baseless, lazy, and an attempt to once again generalize black people.

The video obviously got a lot of negative feedback. Most claimed that many of the questions stemmed from negative African American stereotypes and sloppily masked themselves as something productive. Soon after the release of the video, twitter hashtag #RealBlackPeopleQuestions rose in popularity as African American Twitter users fired back in a series of mock questions for the black community:

It seems as if BuzzFeed really dropped the ball on this one. In a failed opportunity to really educate, inspire, and empower the black community, they offended many, which resulted in a quick (and somewhat hilarious) backlash from one of Twitter’s most eclectic communities. Hopefully this will set an example for future attempts to address the community, as many users will be armed and ready.

Do you think BuzzFeed missed the mark? Was this a cheap shot at the black community or were producers ill-prepared when it came to this discussion? Should they give it another shot? Please share your thoughts below.


3 thoughts on “Twitter Asks #RealBlackPeopleQuestions After Buzzfeed Video

  1. Thank you for sharing this, I hadn’t even seen this video, so i was very thrilled to watch it . I definitely understand Black Twitter’s backlash against the negatively stereotypes portrayed in the video and it wouldn’t have hurt to throw in some positive reflecting questions in there. But the fact still remains that those are valid questions! At least for me they are. I definitely resignated with the whole “i sound white” remark because i spoke proper English. I was heavily made fun of in middle/high school because of this. Lol i just didnt get it..still dont! So while black twitter has valid reason to question true motives behind this video, personally, i still think this video hit the nail on tge head in some areas!! Lol so now, i need some answers to these questions because i would love to know!!


    1. I agree! I to this day am still being called “white” due to my grammar. I really think the video had some some valid points about issues prevalent in the black community. However, it was masked by the generalizations and stereotypes of some of the other questions, which is why I think we instead are having conversations about that instead of those problems unfortunately. I hope that someone else comes along though that raises the bar!


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